Good Stop at Merrick Road Restaurant

Story by Shannan Murphy

Photos by Steve Grogan & Shannan Murphy

The Lynbrook Fire Department was dispatched to a reported structure fire on January 16 at 12:40am.  The location, at first, was given as the Lynbrook Movie Theater and later changed to the Havana’s Focaccia Restaurant next door to the Theater. Upon arrival at the scene, 1st Assistant Chief James McDermott notified the first due engine company to pick up a hydrant.  Chief Dave Pearsall assessed the scene and notified all responding units that there was a working fire at the location.  “Engine Co. #1, Vulcan Co. Engine #2 and Tally-Ho Engine #3 conducted an interior hoseline attack in the kitchen area and duct works where the fire was contained,” commented Chief Pearsall.  “Truck Co. #1 manned the roof, opening up natural ventilation sources.  In addition, a mutual aid from the East Rockaway Fire Department for an additional truck company was called for.  Lynbrook’s Hose Co. #1 was assigned to support East Rockaway’s Truck Co. at the scene.”  Medical Co. #1 was also on hand in case of injury. The fire was successfully extinguished and all units were released from the scene by 2:15am.



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