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Lynbrook FD Receives Elks Club Award

 Story and Photos by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan

On the coldest night so far of this winter, Friday, January 26, 2007, at 11:45 PM, the volunteers of the Lynbrook Fire Department, under the command of Fire Chief Keith Festa, responded to a reported fire at 56 Driving Park Avenue.  The homeowners at that residence, and their children, had gone to bed but smelled smoke shortly thereafter.  They called the fire department. 

Engine Company 1 was first on the scene and dropped two lines taking the hydrant up the block.  Although no fire was visible smoke was found throughout the whole house.  After the homeowner had told the firefighters that they had used their fireplace that night due to the cold weather, the firefighters discovered that the heat of the fire in the fireplace had started the wooden floor joists below the fireplace and in the basement ceiling to burn.  Engine Company firefighters took one hose line to the basement where it extinguished the smoldering beams.  The second line, manned by members from Hose Company wet down the fireplace which was still very hot. Additionally, members from Vulcan Company and Tally-Ho Company moved the refrigerator from the kitchen wall because it backed up to the fireplace.  Members from Truck Company then cut open the kitchen floor to get at the fire in between the floors.  The Emergency Medical Company stood-by to treat any injured or aided.

It appeared that the fire started in the flooring through a crack in the fireplace mortar.  While the firefighters were still searching for the cause of the smoke in the house when they arrived, and due to the extreme cold, Chief Festa requested a mutual aid from the Malverne FD who sent a Fast Team to the scene while Lakeview FD sent an engine to the scene.  Rockville Centre FD sent an engine, ladder, and ambulance to Vulcan Company’s quarters to stand-by and handle any other Lynbrook calls that could come in.  It turned out that the mutual aid fire departments were not needed and they were released to return to their own communities.  Lynbrook firefighters were at the scene till 1:15 AM. 

Chief Festa did also requested the response of the Village of Lynbrook’s DPW to sand the street near the house as the water from the hose lines had frozen on the street and sidewalk.  There were no reported injuries to firefighters.

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