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New Year's Eve Fire; Victim Rescued from Burning House

Story & Photos by Ex-Capt. Steve Grogan (updated by webmaster)

Updated January 12th, 2006


Lynbrook Firefighters missed out on the New Year's celebration with their families after responding to a house fire where the homeowner was rescued from his burning home. 


The Lynbrook Fire Department, under the command of Chief James McDermott, was called out shortly after 10:15 PM on New Year's Eve to 74 Buckingham Place, Lynbrook, for a reported house fire. The fire was reported by a passing volunteer firefighter, John Eisert of North Bellmore, who noticed the smoke from nearby Peninsula Blvd. as he passed in his vehicle. The Department's Emergency Medical Company was first on the scene.  They pulled up to the house just as Lynbrook Police Officer Joseph Cosenza, North Bellmore Firefighter John Eisert, assisted by Malverne firefighters Bill Pesek and Kevin Morgan, carried the homeowner from his burning house. 1st Assistant Chief Keith Festa also entered the home searching for victims prior to the arrival of fire apparatus. The homeowner was apparently overcome by smoke from the fire and collapsed while trying to escape the blaze.


The homeowner was in cardiac arrest. Medical Company personnel immediately began CPR and transported the to the hospital. The victim was resuscitated by Medical Company personnel.


Vulcan Company was the first engine on the scene and dropped a five inch line from the hydrant up the block.  At the scene they proceeded to stretch two attack lines to the fire.  With the help of other arriving fire companies the lines were brought into the house to extinguish the fire that was consuming the home's kitchen and filled the home with lethal smoke. 


Truck Company arrived and put their ladder to the second floor to assist with other possible rescues and to ventilate the smoke filled home.  Due to the intensity of the fire, Chief McDermott requested a mutual aid for stand-by assistance from the Malverne and Lakeview Fire Departments.  The fire was brought under control in about 15 minutes because of the quick hose line attack and was stopped before it spread throughout the home.  Firefighters were still at the scene when the New Year arrived. 


The homeowners son expressed his gratitude to the police officer and firefighters who saved his father, "They saved his life." The homeowner remains in intensive care at a local hospital.


The Nassau County Fire Marshal's Office was called and they are investigating the cause of the fire. 

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