Yorkshire Garage Fire

Story & Photos by Ex- Capt. Steve Grogan


On Friday, February 27, 2004, at 6:45 AM, the Lynbrook Fire Department, under the command of Fire Chief John J. Crowley, were called out  to a report of a house fire at 144 Surrey Commons in the Yorkshire section of Lynbrook. When the Chief and his deputies arrived on the scene heavy smoke was billowing from the garage of the home. Engine Company #1 was the first company to arrive and they immediately dropped a hose line and a back-up line. The garage door was opened and a quick attack with the hose line by Engine Company members put the fire out in a matter of minutes, preventing the spread of fire to the adjacent living quarters or structure. The fire was believed started by an electric charger for the lawnmower.  The  overheating charger caused boxes and other stored items in the garage to ignite. Other fire companies stood-by as the fire was extinguished. Members were at the scene for about 45 minutes. 


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