Photos by Ex-Chief Pete Pearsall

Left to right- 3rd Dep. Chief James McDermott, 2nd Dep Chief Dave Pearsall, 1st. Dep. Chief John Crowley Jr., Chief John Obenheim, Capt. Robert Gilmartin, Lt, Joseph Gunn, Lt. Mike Gilmartin, Ex. Capt. Kevin Bien, Ex. Capt . Ed Donald, Ex. Capt. Richard Crowley, Ex Chief Frank Morris, Ex. Capt Richard Faye.

Ex Capt. Kevin Bien, Mayor Eugene Scarpato, Capt. Robert Gilmartin

Ex. Capt. Kevin Bien, Trustee Bill Hendrick

Nancy Davis Christens 428-8 with a bottle of champagne assisted by Ex. Capt. Richard Faye.

Chief John Obenheim

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