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Story & Photos by  Ex Capt. Steve Grogan

On Friday, May 26, 2006, about 3:30 PM, just after it had stopped raining, the Lynbrook Fire Department was dispatched to an overturned vehicle on Sunrise Highway at Ocean Avenue.  The Emergency Medical Company and the Extrication Team responded under the command of Chief Keith Festa.  The one car accident occurred just out of Lynbrook in Rockville Centre in the westbound lane of Sunrise Highway.  It appeared that the female driver was exiting from Merrick Road onto Sunrise Highway when she hit the guard rail along the entrance ramp onto Sunrise and then flipped her SUV landing on its side in the middle of Sunrise.  The Rockville Centre, Lynbrook, and MTA police, who were in the area, all responded.  The female driver and her young son were able to get out of the vehicle.  The medics from the Emergency Medical Company stabilized both of them then put them on stretchers and took them in the LFD's ambulance to the hospital.  The Extrication Team put down speedy dry to help mop up the oil on the roadway.  Both the mother and her child were reportedly doing fine.   

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