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 Story and Photos by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan

On Monday, July 24, 2006, at just after noon, FIRECOM dispatched the Lynbrook Fire Department to a reported car fire on Ocean Avenue near Peninsula Blvd.  Chief Keith Festa and Deputy Chief John O'Reilly while responding to the scene could both see a large column of black smoke in the eastern section of Lynbrook.  Chief Festa notified FIRECOM and responding fire units of a working car fire on Ocean Avenue just opposite Madison Street.  Tally-Ho Engine 3 was the first pumper to arrive.  They took the hydrant on the corner of Madison and stretched one line to the burning  vehicle.  Vulcan Engine 2 also responded and dropped a second backup line.  Truck Company also responded and assisted.  Although it only took a matter of minutes for Lynbrook firefighters to put out the fire, the vehicle was a total loss. 

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