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Keyspan Excavation Collapse

 Story and Photos by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan

On Wednesday, September 6, 2006, just two hours after the Lynbrook Fire Department responded to the scaffolding collapse at the Sunrise Executive Hotel, the department was called out for a street collapse with workers trapped on Union Avenue near Oakland Avenue in Lynbrook.   The location is where Keyspan is laying new feeder gas pipes in a trench along the length of Union Avenue. 

A worker was in the trench when a large piece of asphalt from the roadway above fell into the hole and crushed the worker against the newly laid pipe. 

Lynbrook firefighters, under the command of Third Deputy Chief Kevin Bien, arrived on the scene as Keyspan workers who had gone into the trench stabilized the large piece of asphalt that had trapped the worker.  Firefighters then went into the trench to stabilize the victim and get him out.  The injured worker was put on a backboard and lifted out of the trench where he was placed on a stretcher and into one of LFD’s ambulances. 

The worker was in serious condition suffering from a chest wound, numerous fractured ribs, internal bleeding, and was having difficulty breathing.  He was transported by Lynbrook’s Emergency Medical Company to NUMC where he was taken directly into surgery.  Originally fire medics were going to wait for a NCPD helicopter but due to the serious nature of the worker’s injury decided to transport immediately by ambulance.  A second worker also in the trench during the collapse was treated at the scene and released. 

The Malverne Fire Department’s Heavy Rescue Unit also responded to the scene to assist.  The accident is under investigation. 

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