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Cooking Starts Kitchen Fire

Story by Ex Captain Steven Grogan - Photos by Brian & Steve Grogan


Burning pork chops started a fire that destroyed a kitchen at the Noble Street apartments in Lynbrook and caused the evacuation of a hundred residents from the building last Friday afternoon.

The Lynbrook Fire Department under the command of First Assistant Chief Carl Lengel was dispatched to 75 Noble Street at 5:10 PM for a reported “smoke in the lobby.”  Chief Lengel and Third Assistant Chief Nicholas Pearsall were first on the scene.  Upon entering the building, Chief Pearsall found a fire burning in an apartment just off the lobby on the ground floor.  Pearsall radioed Chief Lengel who was setting up command operations on the street about the location of the fire and Chief Lengel broadcast a Signal 10 for a working fire.  This set in motion an automatic mutual aid response from neighboring fire departments. 

Lynbrook’s Truck Company was first on the scene quickly followed by Tally-Ho Company.  Tally-Ho took the hydrant near the front of the building and stretched a hose line from the street along the front walkway into the building and the apartment on fire.  While Tally-Ho took the hose line into the burning apartment and under the direction of Chief Pearsall, Truck Company took out the windows to allow the heat and smoke to escape to protect the firefighters inside the apartment.   Member of Engine Company brought up a back-up line in case it was needed.

The fire had spread from the stove to consume the cabinets above it and up the wall to the ceiling.  Firefighters were able to stop the fire before it spread into the wooden ceiling rafters.  A little longer and the fire would have been in the apartment above.   Firefighters were forced to pull the sheetrock which was behind the kitchen wall and abutted the living room to make sure the fire was extinguished. 

The Floodlight Unit set up the department’s Command Post and handled communications with FIRECOM and the neighboring fire departments who were called.   Valley Stream sent a ladder company to act as the Fast Team and Malverne sent an engine, to the scene.  Additionally, East Rockaway’s ladder and a Rockville Centre engine and ambulance stood-by to cover other alarms in Lynbrook.

One resident was treated at the scene by the Emergency Medical Company but she refused any further medical help.  No firefighters were injured.  Firefighters were at the scene for about 90 minutes.

“Our firefighters did a great job in knocking down and containing the fire before it could spread any further,” said First Assistant Chief Lengel.  “We also appreciate the help and quick response of our neighboring departments.”   

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