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Lynbrook Firefighters Fight Fire in Garage

Story by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan - Photos by Steve & Brian Grogan


On Tuesday night, October 6, 2015, Lynbrook firefighters fought a fire at a garage on Merrick Road after a truck inside caught fire and spread to the ceiling, threatening the stability of the roof which could have collapsed on firefighters.  


At approximately 10:15 PM, Lynbrook firefighters were called out for a reported "building fire" at Universal Instrument Company, 274 Merrick Road, near Forest Avenue.  Lynbrook Fire Chief James McDermott was first on the scene after responding from Truck Company's nearby firehouse.  After  rounding the corner onto Merrick Road he immediately broadcast a "Signal 10" for a working fire at that location as smoke was billowing from the top of two large aluminum roll-up doors and from the roof.  


Engine Company was first to arrive and dropped three hoses lines after connecting to the hydrant across the street.  Meanwhile, Truck Company situated their bucket truck in front of the building and raised the bucket to the roof.  Engine Company firefighters first entered through an office front door into the garage area while Truck Company members used saws to cut through the roll-up doors. 


Inside the garage was a large refrigerated Boars Head truck on fire. The fire was also spreading along the wooden beams of the truss ceiling which was holding up the roof.  With the danger of the truss giving way and collapsing on the firefighters there was no further advance into the garage and the fire in the truck and in the ceiling was fought with straight streams from the front of the garage.  Once the roll-ups were opened members of Hose Company and Tally-Ho Company manned the other two hose lines which also poured water onto the truck and the ceiling areas from the front of the building.  Another line from Tally-Ho's rig on Forest Avenue was taken to the roof by a ground ladder supplied by Rockville Center FD's ladder.  That line was used to put out a fire coming out of the roof vent.  There was a second Boars Head van and four other cars parked in the large garage. 


Besides RVCFD, the East Rockaway Fire Department also responded on a mutual aid to the scene, while the Lakeview and Malverne Fire Departments sent stand-by crews to cover other alarms in Lynbrook.  The Lynbrook police closed down Merrick Road and re-directed traffic around the fire scene. 


It was reported that someone in McQuade's Restaurant heard an explosion shortly after 10 PM and came outside to see the smoke coming from the building. That person called in the alarm. 


Chief McDermott requested the assistance of the Nassau County Fire Marshal's Office and they responded to investigate a possible cause .  The cause of the fire was not considered suspicious and may have been caused by an electrical problem in the truck. Lynbrook's Emergency Medical Company was also on the scene but there were no injuries.  


Firefighters were at the scene for about two hours. 


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