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Mutual Aid to RVC

Story by Ex Captain Steven Grogan, Photos by Brian Grogan

Mutual Aid to RVC

On November 14, 2015, shortly after 4 AM, the Lynbrook Fire Department was dispatched on a mutual aid to the Rockville Centre Fire Department for a reported house fire on Marion Street in RVC.   Truck Company was requested on the original alarm as RVC is presently lacking a ladder truck.   The first responding Chiefs of RVCFD broadcast a Signal 10 for a working fire at that location.  Lynbrook's Emergency Medical Company was also dispatched to the scene.  Lynbrook firefighters were led by First Assistant Chief John Chavatte and Third Assistant Chief who were both at the scene.  Lynbrook Truck members worked for about four hours while Medical Company personnel stood-by to assist any injured.  They did not return to Lynbrook to about 8:30 AM.  No Lynbrook firefighters were injured.     


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