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Lynbrook Baptist Church Presents Check

Story by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan - Photos by Sal Dantona


On Sunday, December 11, 2016, the Lynbrook Baptist Church presented monies raised at the basketball benefit game for our wounded warriors between the Church members and Lynbrook firefighters.  In the presence of the congregation that day, and after their church service, Pastor Robert Walderman presented a ceremonial check (and the real one) in the amount of $4132.50 to Ex-Chief Kevin Bien and this writer.  Also present for the presentation was Assemblyman Brian Curran.  After the presentation of the check, this writer presented the pastor with a plaque from Nassau County Firefighters Operation Wounded Warrior.  The pastor, who came to Bethesda and Fort Belvoir with the department members on December 9th, was also presented with a NCFF-OWW challenge coin that is given to each of the wounded warriors.  The pastor and his congregation were thanked for their continued support of the Lynbrook Fire Department and our wounded warriors.  The pastor also presented a similar check in the same amount to the Moms and Dads Club.


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