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Apartment House Fire

Story Ex Captain Steven Grogan - Photos by Brian & Steven Grogan  

Only three days since Lynbrook firefighters fought a working house fire on Ocean Avenue, firefighters were called out again on December 14, 2015 shortly after 10 AM to 260 Broadway for a reported "smoke in the building."  That location is a three-story apartment building.  2nd Assistant Chief Carl Lengel was first on the scene and found a heavy smoke condition and told the first responding company on the road to "hit a hydrant" upon arrival.  Engine Company 1 from nearby Carpenter Avenue was first on the scene and immediately took a nearby hydrant and stretched a hose line into the building with the help of other arriving fire units.  Firefighters traced the smoke to an apartment on the second floor.  There they found the door locked and no one home. The door meanwhile was hot to the touch. Chief Lengel then broadcast a Signal 10 for a working fire.  In the meantime Truck Company also arrived and using their tools forced open the apartment door.  Firefighters then moved into the apartment and found a fire in the corner which was moving up the wall in the living room.  Chief Lengel also sought mutual aid from the East Rockaway Fire Department for a "Fast Team" and an engine from the Valley Stream Fire Department.  Both departments responded but their assistance was not needed as the fire was quickly extinguished.   The cause of the fire is presently unknown but it could have been an electrical problem in a table lamp which was found in the corner melted.   Members of Truck Company then overhauled the wall area to make sure the fire had not extended into the walls.  There was also water damage to the apartment and the apartment below the fire apartment.  In addition, the department's Emergency Medical Company stood-by but there were not injuries.  Firefighters were at the scene for about 45 minutes.

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