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Benefit Basketball Game for Wounded Warriors 

Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan

On Saturday, December 3, 2016, the Lynbrook Baptist Church who has previously challenged the Lynbrook Fire Department in softball games to benefit Nassau County Firefighters Operation Wounded Warrior (NCFF-OWW), this year challenged the department to a basketball game at Lynbrook High School.  The game also benefited the high school's Mom and Dads Club.  The Baptist Church also brought a large-screen TV, a computer, and a IPhone watch to raffle off.  During the opening ceremonies and speeches, Pastor Bob Walderman of the Baptist Church, who is also a Department Chaplain, was presented with a NCFF-OWW jacket by Joe O'Grady, Chairman of NCFF-OWW, who gave a  brief overview of the organization and the efforts to improve the lives of our wounded warriors.  A representative of the Mom and Dads Club also spoke and asked for a  moment of silence for our fighting men and women.  The basketball game itself was very hard fought battle with the Baptist Church players, which also included Assemblyman Brian Curran, constantly having a lead over the firefighters.  But, in the closing minutes of the game the firefighters came back and went on to win by one point as the buzzer sounded.   The event raised a total of over $8200 which was split between NCFF-OWW and the Mom and Dads Club.   

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