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Candle Sparks House Fire 

Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan 

On December 21, 2016, at approximately 12:33 AM, Lynbrook firefighters under the command of Chief John Chavatte, responded to a reported house fire on St Nicholas Street.  When Chief Chavatte arrived on the block he noticed smoke coming from a house at 8 St. Nicholas Street.  The assistant chiefs also arrived.  The chief broadcast a Signal 10 for a fire on the second floor of that two-family residence, and the correct address.   Engine Company was first on the scene and took the hydrant on the corner about two houses away.  As they began to stretch a line, Truck Company arrived in front of the house.  While the line was being brought to the house the first firefighters who went up to the second floor put the fire out with a water can.  The line was not taken in.  Floodlight put up its light towers while the other fire companies and medical company stood-by.  Allegedly, a lit candle had started the window curtains and a floor rug on fire.  Damage was placed at less than $5000 according to the chief.  There were no injuries and firefighters were there for about 30 minutes.

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