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2015 Christmas Truck Rides

Story and Photos by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan

Every December for the past 60 years the volunteers of the Lynbrook Fire Department have given fire truck Christmas rides to the children of Lynbrook.  There was only one year in those sixty-years that the rides were not given and that was during the gas shortage in the 70's.  On December 19th, with temperatures in the 40's, many children and their parents rode around the village streets in Lynbrook's rigs.  After the ride the children got to sit on Santa's lap inside Truck Company's firehouse on Earle Avenue.  The Ladies Auxiliary came with coffee and cookies while the junior firefighters were also on hand to assist in loading the children on the fire trucks and assist Santa inside the firehouse.  Once the children met Santa they went back to the Earle Avenue parking lot to ride again on the fire trucks.  Chief James McDermott and his deputies were on hand to greet the children and even posed with Santa. 

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