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Firefighters Respond to Kitchen Fire  

Story By Ex-Captain Steve Grogan; Photos by Brian Grogan

Making donuts nearly destroyed a Lynbrook home Friday night, December 11, 2015, when oil from the cooking ignited a fire and destroyed the kitchen in the home.  Lynbrook firefighters were able to put out the fire before it spread to the rest of the home on Ocean Avenue.

Lynbrook firefighters were notified at 6:28 PM of a reported kitchen fire at 471 Ocean Avenue near Robertson Road.  While firefighters were responding they were notified of numerous calls coming in for that location.  Third Assistant Chief Bill Abrams was first on the scene and found the fire already blowing out the side window of the home and immediately broadcast a Signal 10, for a working fire, to the responding units.

Engine Company 1 was first on the scene and took the hydrant across the street.  Firefighters from that company and the other arriving fire companies stretched three hose lines to attack the fire which was consuming the whole kitchen and threatened to engulf the whole house.   Engine Company took a line in the side door and attached the fire which was rolling across the ceiling towards the other parts of the home.  With the possibility of the fire spreading further inside the one-story home, Lynbrook Fire Chief James McDermott requested the assistance of the East Rockaway, Rockville Centre, and Lakeview Fire Departments.   

Engine Company firefighters inside the home battled the kitchen fire and were able to stop its spread and extinguished the burning walls and cabinets.  A second hose line, handled by other department members, was used to put the fire out in the roof area around the side window.  Members of Truck Company then began an overhaul of the kitchen and the outside wall and roof area.     

Lynbrook's Emergency Medical Company stood-by but there were no injuries.  Additionally, Lynbrook's Floodlight Unit was on the scene and set up its command post and used its light towers to light up the fire scene.

Firefighters were at the scene for about an hour.   

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