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Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan; Photos by Brian Grogan


On Sunday, July 16, 2017, Peter's Clam Bar and Restaurant in Island Park, with the assistance of the Town of Hempstead and the Island Park Fire Department, sponsored it Fourth Annual Clam Eating Contest to benefit Nassau County Firefighters Operation Wounded Warrior.  Member of the Lynbrook Fire Department are actively involved in NCFF-OWW and participated in the clam eating contest.  The LFD will also be sponsoring its own fundraiser for NCFF-OWW on September 9th at the Earle Avenue firehouse. 


The competition began with 18 firefighters eating over 1000 clams in six minutes.  Lynbrook was represented by firefighters George Hayden and Mike Isola of Hose Company.  After the first round a second round of six firefighters resulted in a tie when Elmont firefighter Charlie Fries and Lawrence-Cedarhurst firefighter Andrew Helicher tied for first place when they both consumed 39 clams in two minutes.  Third place was won by the reigning champ, Hempstead Ex-Chief Charlie Hendry who swallowed 37.  Firefighters Fries and Helicher, who won money for their departments, presented $500 to NCFF-OWW.  The total of monies raised for NCFF-OWW has not yet been determined.


On hand during the competition was Takeru Kobayashi, who has won the Nathan's July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest four times, and eating champion Ed "Cookie" Jarvis who has appeared on many TV shows.  Both of them put on a clam eating demonstration before the events.

After the firefighters completed their competition, the general public also held additional contests.  That was one by a resident of Queens.

Firefighter Isola's photo of eating clams during the competition was seen in a Newsday article the following day. 

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