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Car Fire Extinguished

Story and Photos by Steve Grogan


Lynbrook firefighters under the command of First Assistant Chief William Abrams responded to a reported car fire on Merrick Road at Ocean Avenue at 11:40 PM on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.  Truck Company who had returned from another call and with members still in the firehouse, was first on the scene.  They reported a working car fire at that location.  Truck Company members grabbed water extinguishers from their rig to try and control the fire in the engine compartment and underneath the car.  They also used a saw to open the hood to get at the fire.  In the meantime, Vulcan Company arrived followed by Hose Company.  Vulcan stretched their pre-connect line and with manpower help from Hose moved in to put the fire out.  Truck Company then overhauled the vehicle.  Firefighters were at the scene for about 30 minutes.     


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