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Fire at the Department of Public Works

Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan

Lynbrook firefighters responded to the Department of Public Works for a fire in the yard shortly after noon on August 30, 2016.   DPW employees smelled and saw smoke coming out of one of the closed garages where garbage trucks had been parked earlier.   Entering the garage the employees found smoke pouring out of one of the village’s new garbage trucks.    The garbage truck was backed out of the garage and the garbage inside the truck was dumped into the driveway.   The employees then stretched a hose line they have at the garage from a hydrant in the yard and wet down the burning garbage.  The DPW employee on the nozzle was Vulcan firefighter Steven Cribbin.   He was assisted by DPW employee Jeff Gaertner who maned a garden hose.  Vulcan Company responded to the scene and the firefighters assisted the employees in extinguishing the fire.  

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