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Crash on Sunrise Hwy.

Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan


Lynbrook firefighters under the command of Chief Carl Lengel responded at 0340 hours on Friday, August 4, 2017, to a reported accident and overturn at Sunrise Highway and Denton Avenue.  Truck Company, Tally-Ho, the Medical Company, and Northwell Health ambulances responded to the scene.  Firefighters and Lynbrook police officers found that a male driving an SUV westbound on Sunrise and approaching Denton Avenue, ran off the highway & hit a tree, breaking it in half and cartwheeling into two unoccupied parked cars on the side of the highway.  The SUV ended back up on its wheels. One of the struck vehicles was pushed into the middle lane before stopping at the traffic stop line at Denton Avenue.  The driver was conscious and helped from the vehicle by Northwell Health paramedics. Truck Company and Tally-Ho inspected and secured the vehicles.   

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