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Rocklyn Avenue House Fire 

Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan:  Photos by Steve and Brian Grogan

A fire burning in a wood stove in a home at 213 Rocklyn Avenue caused a fire in the walls above the stove on the night of March 1, 2016. 

The Lynbrook Fire Department was called at  9:38 PM for a reported "house fire."   The first arriving fire chiefs found smoke billowing out of the side rear of the two-story home.  The homeowners were already outside the residence.  Truck Company was first on the scene, quickly followed by Vulcan Company which took the hydrant at Rocklyn and Vincent Avenue and stretched an attack line down the street to the back of the house.  As the other fire companies arrived a second line was also brought to the rear.  

The Emergency Medical Company responded with an ambulance while the Floodlight Unit set up its two light towers to light up the scene.  The first hose line into the back door put the fire out in the stove and attacked the fire in the wall as Truck Company members opened up the wall and ceiling above the stove.  The hose line was then taken to the second floor where the fire which had climbed inside the wall went nearly to the second floor ceiling.  That wall was also pulled and the fire finally extinguished. 

The fire was brought under control in about 15 minutes and firefighters were at the scene for just less than an hour.  There were no injuries. 

Chief James McDermott was in charge of firefighting operations while Assistant Chiefs John Chavatte and William Abrams directed operations on both floors of the home.   The Village of Lynbrook Building Department also responded.   Damaged was estimated at approximately $15,000.  

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