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Mutual Aid to East Rockaway

Story  Ex Captain Steven Grogan - Photos by Brian & Steve Grogan


At 10:41 PM on April 12, 2016, the East Rockaway Fire Department was called to a reported house fire on Ocean Avenue, almost opposite the East Rockaway High School. When East Rockaway firefighters arrived on the scene it was reported that they heard a man screaming from the second floor as smoke billowed from the building. Fire could also be seen one of the second floor windows. Members of ERFD Truck 405 quickly entered the front door and made their way to the second floor which was on fire, while the first arriving engine company was stretching hose lines. Two firefighters found a 55-year old male unconscious on the bathroom floor just outside the burning room. Those firefighters joined by two others on the stairs carried the victim out of the house where ERFD medics took over after the man was placed on a stretcher and rushed to the their ambulance. They allegedly performed CPR and got him breathing again. He was then rushed to the hospital

The Lynbrook Fire Department was called at about 10:45 PM to provide an engine to stand-by at ERFD headquarters and for our Emergency Medical Company to respond to the scene after ERFD's ambulance transported the victim. Both First Assistant Chiefs John Chavatte and Carl Lengel were at the scene and provided assistance to ERFD First Assistant Chief Gene Torborg who was in charge. The fire was quickly extinguished in the bedroom with one hose line. The cause of the fire is under investigation but Nassau County detectives were quickly on the scene.

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