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Ex-Chief John Matzen Remembered

Story By  Dan Neri


matzenFebruary 8, 2017 the Lynbrook Fire Department lost one of it’s most dedicated members, Ex- Chief John Matzen .

John joined the Lynbrook Fire Dept. in March of 1974 following the example set by his Father and Uncle who belonged to Tally-Ho. John joined Vulcan Company , and subsequently Rescue Squad. In only two short years he was elected 2nd Lieutenant of the Squad, then served as Captain from 1980-1982.

In 1983 he was elected 2nd Lieutenant of Vulcan Company, then served as Captain from 1986-1988.


In 1982, he joined the Floodlight unit, and again, was elected 2nd Lieutenant in 1994, then served as Captain there from 1996-1998.


John was elected 3rd Asst. Chief of the Lynbrook Fire Department in 1998., then served in each office diligently and was elected Chief Engineer of the Lynbrook Fire Dept. from 2001-2002. During his term as Chief John led this Department during our 100th Anniversary. He made it a celebration to be remembered for years to come.


 At the completion of his term as Chief; John went right back into service at Vulcan Co. and was elected to the position of Warden in 2002. A position he held until he answered his last alarm. John, wanting to serve even more on another level; ran for and was elected 4th Battalion Delegate in 2003. Another position that he would hold until he answered his last alarm. Still wanting to serve more, John became involved with the Nassau County Radio Committee, served another term as Captain of the Floodlight Unit from 2010-2011, and was elected to the executive board of the 4th Battalion Fire District. John served as Treasurer 2013-2014, Secretary 2014-2016, and Vice-Chairman 2016-Present.


John retired from the Lynbrook Police Department in 2011 after a 30 year career and made it a point to spend much more time with his family and friends.


Ex-Chief Matzen is survived by his wife Donna and his children; Capt. John Jr. of Vulcan Company, Kaitlyn, and Allison.


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