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Firefighters Bring Santa to Lynbrook 

Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan


As has been the tradition in Lynbrook since the early 1960's, Santa arrived in Lynbrook the Saturday, November 26th, 2016, after Thanksgiving on a Lynbrook fire truck.  This year was no different as Santa arrived at the Earle Avenue parking lot aboard Truck Company's 427.  The Floodlight Unit was also at the parking lot to play Christmas music for the children and their parents who came down to the parking lot to welcome Santa.  At 8 AM the children heard the sirens from 427 as it came down Forest Avenue with Santa sitting in the front officer's seat of the large white ladder truck.  As Santa stepped from the truck the children cheered as Santa was greeted by Mayor William Hendrick.   Santa then walked along the police barricades greeting and talking with the children.  Many of the parents took photos of Santa with their children.  Some were heard saying that Santa was on a diet and looked slimmer this year.  After greeting everyone of the children the children went to the Lynbrook Library to see a film.  Santa greeted them there as well.

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