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Firefighters Visit Wounded Warriors

Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan; Photos by Lynne Donnelly, Ex-Chief Kevin Bien, Ex-Captain Richard Straub  

On Friday, December 4, 2015, members of the Lynbrook Fire Department, led by Second Assistant Chief Carl Lengel, joined with other Nassau firefighters who belong to Nassau County Firefighters Operation Wounded Warrior (NCFF-OWW) and drove to the Walter Reed National Military Hospital at Bethesda, MD to bring Christmas presents to wounded servicemen and women who are receiving treatment for their battle wounds.  Firefighters also got a chance to see and give presents to former US Marine Marcos Dandrea and his children.  Dandrea, who lost both his legs in Afghanistan, was made an honorary Lynbrook firefighter last year.  Dandrea normally attends the LFD's annual wounded warrior concert.  Dandrea was also presented with the new Ladies Aux LFD blanket and calendar.  Firefighters also got a chance to bring presents to Lakeview Army Sergeant Robert Scott who was the quest of honor at our September wounded warrior concert.  NCFF-OWW has also just recently presented Scott with a treadmill for his home so that he can continue his exercise regiment in his house.   Scott was accompanied by his mother Valence who Lynbrook and Nassau firefighters first met last year when a street corner in Lakeview was re-named in SGT Scott's honor by the Town of Hempstead.  One of the firefighters, Terrence Powderly of the Bellerose Fire Department dressed as Santa to help give out the Christmas presents at the hospital and in the rehabilitation building.  At one time while posing for a photo near the Christmas tree a group of deer appeared on the lawn outside the window.  I guess they were waiting for Santa.  Later that evening the firefighters took Marcos Dandrea and his children out to dinner.   

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