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Three Volunteers Honored for Saving a Life

Story by Chief Michael Anderson; Photos by Town of Hempstead


October 17th, 2014 Firematic Awards Ceremony

On June 10th 2014 at 1958 hrs. the Lynbrook Fire Department was alerted for a signal 9-A for a person choking at 26 Shipherd Ave, This address houses a group home for developmentally challenged adults.

Upon arrival of ambulance 425, the crew encountered a non-verbal adult male with a partial respiratory obstruction. Captain Germain immediately began working to try to clear the obstruction, simultaneously Firefighter's Anthony LaBarca and Christopher Boll got all needed equipment ready to transport the patient to the hospital. In route to the hospital the patients airway became completely blocked and patient couldn't breathe and started turning blue, The crew immediately began chest compressions and worked to clear the airway just as the ambulance arrived at the hospital.

The Crew showed great poise in a difficult situation and worked together seamlessly to save the life of the patient. The crew's actions that night represent the finest example of how the Volunteers of Nassau Counties Fire Departments impact our community on a daily basis. The Chiefs Office and Members of the Lynbrook Fire Department proudly nominate, Captain Germain and Firefighters LaBarca and Boll for the Town Of Hempstead Firematic Award.

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