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One Firefighter Injured Fighting House Fire

 Story and Photos by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan

On Wednesday, January 9, 2008, at 6:01 PM, Lynbrook volunteers were called out for a reported house fire at 45 Dawes Avenue, corner of Concord Street, which caused injury to one firefighter.   

Firefighters were called to the scene after a neighbor noticed smoke coming from the house in which no one was home at the time.    Upon the arrival of Lynbrook Fire Chief Robert Occhipinti, he broadcast a "Signal 10," for a working fire at that location.  Tally-Ho Engine 423 responded from nearby Horton Avenue and took the hydrant on the nearby corner.   They then stretched two attack lines.  Tally- Ho took the first line into the house while responding members from Engine Company 421 and Vulcan Company 422 assisted and brought in the second hose line.      

Firefighters found heavy smoke inside the house and a fire in a hallway wall.  After first putting out that fire they determined that the main body of fire was in the attic.  The only way into the attic crawl space was by a flimsy pull down ladder.  With the ladder pulled down, only the firefighter with the nozzle was able to go up the ladder.  With the nozzle man sitting on the cardboard attic flooring he attacked the fire which was raging across the whole attic.  Besides the roof rafters burning a large amount of stored and piled clothing was on fire. 

While firefighters were inside attacking the attic fire, Truck Company 428 and 427 set up their ladders to the roof area and opened the roof to ventilate the raging fire.  They also had manpower inside the house pulling ceilings so firefighters could get at additional pockets of fire in the ceiling rafters.  

Hose Company 424 was also on the scene and provided additional hose back-up.  The Floodlight 426 put up its light towers and operated the command post, and the Emergency Medical Company stood by to assist with one ambulance while their second ambulance was at another call.  

Chief Occhipinti also called for a mutual aid to the scene for East Rockaway's fast team and an ambulance, and Hewlett's ambulance.  Rockville Center stood by at Engine Company’s firehouse to cover additional alarms in Lynbrook. 

During the opening of the roof, a member of Truck Company, working to ventilate the fire from the attic area, had one leg fall through the weakened roof structure into the fire.  He received burns to that leg.  East Rockaway’s ambulance transported that firefighter to the hospital where he was treated and later released.

Lynbrook firefighters were at the scene for two and one half hours.  The cause of the fire was believed to be an electrical problem in an attic fan.  Damage to the house was extensive.

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