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Honoring Six Who Gave Their Lives

Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan

On Sunday morning October 17, 2010, Chief Raymond Burke led the Lynbrook Fire Department, its Ladies Auxiliary, and the Junior Fire Department, and joined by Mayor Brian Curran and village trustees, State Senator Dean Skelos, and Town Councilman Tony Santino, and other officials and clergy, to the department's Memorial Service at the Firefighter's Memorial on Sunrise Highway at Earle Avenue. This annual memorial service remembers the six Lynbrook volunteers that died in the line of duty from 1932 to 1963.  Honorary Captain Michael Kirby of Engine Company who recently passed away was also remembered this year.  During the service Chief Burke spoke about each of those firefighters that made the supreme sacrifice.  Mayor Brian Curran and Deputy Mayor Bill Hendick also spoke and Captain Dominick Gerardi of Tally-Ho sang the National Anthem.  Deputy Chiefs Michael Hynes and Anthony DeCarlo then placed the department wreath in front of the stone marker that lists the names of those that died as the volunteers saluted and the fire bell on the memorial was rung.   After the service the department went back to the Knights of Columbus hall for breakfast.

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