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Monies Raised for Wounded Warriors

Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan; Photos by George McClosky of Perfect Photos


 On October 13, 2012, the Lynbrook Fire Department played a benefit softball game against the Lynbrook Baptist Church on Earle Avenue at Greis Park to benefit Nassau County Firefighters Operation Wounded Warrior which the LFD is actively involved.  This is the third year the two have played to help raise money for a local charity.  Lynbrook firefighters won the game 11 to 5.  The firefighters have won the last two year.   The game raised $6735 for Operation Wounded Warrior. 

At the Lynbrook Village Board meeting of November 5th, Baptist Church Pastor Bob Walderman presented the $6735 check to the Lynbrook Fire Department for Nassau County Firefighters Operation Wounded Warrior.  In the above photo, Lynbrook firefighters, front row, left to right, Ex-Captain Steve Grogan, Chief Anthony DeCarlo, Firefighter Chris Hynes, and Ex-Captain Richard Straub, joined by Mayor William Hendrick and the village trustees, accept the check.    

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