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Dryer Fire Extinguished

Story & Photos by Ex-Capt. Steve Grogan

Just prior to the start of the Lynbrook Fire Department's annual Christmas Fire Truck Rides at noon on the afternoon of December 20, 2014, Lynbrook firefighters, under the command of Chief Michael Anderson, were called out for a reported basement fire at 9 Hazel Place off Broadway.  Firefighters from Truck Company and Tally-Ho Company arrived on the scene together and found a dryer on fire in the basement of the home.  Although Tally-Ho stretched two lines after dropping at the hydrant on the corner, the lines were not charged and the fire was quickly extinguished with two water cans carried in by Truck Company members.  The fire did not extend beyond the dryer and no damage was caused to the basement.  Truck Company carried the dryer out of the basement to the driveway.   


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