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LFD Helps Move WTC Steel

Story by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan, Photos by Steven Grogan & George McCluskey  

On April 7, 2011, the Lynbrook Fire Department was part of the effort to deliver two pieces of World Trade Center steel for the Village of Lynbrook's 9-11 Memorial Garden.  On that day, Second  Deputy Chief Anthony DeCarlo, and this writer, were part of the solemn escort of the two steel beams from a hangar at JFK Airport to the Oceanside Steel Supply company in Oceanside which will prepare the beams for the memorial.  At JFK the beams were loaded onto a flatbed truck owned by Oceanside Steel Supply.  The owner of Oceanside Steel is a Lynbrook resident and donated his time and equipment to the effort.  While the steel was draped with American flags by Chief DeCarlo and the writer, the Patriot Riders, and the Fire Riders, motorcycle groups, who escorted the caravan to and from JFK, stood at attention and saluted.  The flatbed truck was led from the airport by First Deputy Chief Mike Hynes, a Port Authority Police Officer, followed by Mayor Bill Hendrick, Trustee Alan Beach, and the Police Chief.  Behind the beams was 429-2 and then the motorcycle groups.  The procession proceeded down Sunrise Highway where a ladder arch by the Valley Stream and Malverne Fire Departments was raised at Sunrise and Horton as the beams entered Lynbrook.  A second arch was set-up by Lynbrook's and Rockville Centre's ladders at Union and Atlantic Avenues where a large group of firefighters, school children, and residents came out to see the steel beams.  The firefighters in full turn-out gear saluted as the procession went by and the kindergarten children waved American flags.  A third arch was set-up by the East Rockaway and Lakeview Fire Departments by East Rockaway Village Hall.  A fourth arch was raised by the Oceanside Fire Department off Lawson Blvd and near Oceanside Steel Supply.  The beams will be erected in the memorial garden sometime before the 9-11 anniversary. 

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