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Quick Stop of Bedroom Fire

Story and Photos by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan


Lynbrook firefighters made a quick stop of a bedroom fire in a house on the east end of Lynbrook the day after Christmas.  Firefighters were called out at about 6:30 PM for a reported "house fire" at 43 Allen Street on the corner of Ocean Avenue and directly across the street from the Atria Senior Living Complex.  When Chief Edward Hynes arrived on the scene he broadcast a "Signal 10" for a working fire as heavy smoke billowed from the front door on the first floor of the two-family home.   Vulcan Company from Denton Avenue and Truck Company from Earle Avenue were first on the scene.  Vulcan immediately hooked up to the hydrant in front of the house.  As they were stretching an attack hose line the fire blew out a side window. 

In the meantime, Truck Company made their way into the heavy smoke and began a search of the house for any occupants that could still be inside.  They also laddered the building. Assistant Chief Michael Anderson also entered the house and found the fire was in a bedroom.  An attempt was made to extinguish the fire with an extinguisher while the hose line was being brought in but the fire was already too intense. Vulcan advanced the hose line through the front door and worked their way to the burning bedroom where they were met with a heavy volume of fire from floor to ceiling and which was quickly consuming the whole room.  The hose line was able to knock down the fire before it could spread to adjoining rooms and into the flooring of the second floor residence. 

While Vulcan Company was fighting the fire inside the members of Engine Company and Tally-Ho Company stretched additional lines to back up the attack line.  After the fire was extinguished Truck Company overhauled the bedroom.  The occupants of the home, who had escaped the fire just before firefighters arrived, stayed warm inside one of the department ambulances from the Emergency Medical Company.  Additionally, Chief Hynes requested, through the Command Post on the Floodlight Unit, for the assistance of the Rockville Centre and East Rockaway Fire Departments who sent manpower to the scene and also stood-by to cover other Lynbrook alarms. 

The cause of the fire was under investigation but was not considered suspicious.  Nearly everything in the bedroom was destroyed by the fire.  Damage was put at approximately $75,000 which included fire and water damage.  Firefighters were at the scene for just over an hour.  There were no injuries.  Chief Hynes praised the firefighters for their quick action of getting the line into the house and quickly extinguishing the fire before it could spread.  He also added that had the bedroom door not been closed the fire would have spread throughout the first floor hallway before firefighters arrived.

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