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Engine Co. #1 Marks 50th Anniversary of Line of Duty Deaths

Story by Shannan Pearsall; Photos by Brian Grogan


On Sunday morning, April 28, 2013, the Officers and Members of Engine Co. #1, along with the membership of the Lynbrook Fire Department, assembled under the command of Chief Edward Hynes in remembrance of the tragic events that unfolded on April 30, 1963.

At the Memorial Park, located on Sunrise Highway and Earle Avenue, the Master of Ceremonies, Ex-Chief James Hillgardner welcomed those in attendance and remarked about the tragic loss of three members of Engine Co. fifty years ago; William Koch, age 57, Peter Moody, 21, and Joseph Fisher, 36. 

The events of the day unfolded when a house fire was reported on Earle Avenue.  A day met with slick roadways, due to an earlier storm, Engine Co. responded from quarters, located on Carpenter Avenue, north towards Peninsula Boulevard.  Simultaneously, members from the Horton Avenue firehouse, Tally-Ho, were also en route to the same location. The two rigs collided at the intersection of Peninsula Boulevard and Hempstead Avenue.  Serious injuries were sustained by a number of volunteer fire fighters, the loss of life of Moody, Koch, and Fisher are ones that will remain with the members of Engine Co. indefinitely.

Heroism came in many forms on that fateful day.  A fourth life was also lost on this day. Mrs. Rosalie Roy, a school crossing guard, in her attempts at staving off the impending accident, sadly lost her life as a result of her efforts. 

 “The events of 50 years ago resonate within each of us today,” remarked Chief Hynes.  “We heard Engine Co. Captain Nicholas Pearsall remark about how we, as a Company and as a Department, will never forget those lost and how the events of that day serve as a daily reminder of the dangers and perils we all face while responding to and operating at sounded alarms.” Chief Hynes continued, “50 years ago, it was Captain Clint Pearsall, grandfather to Nicholas, who had the task of honoring and remembering the men lost in his command.  50 years later, it is his grandson who set the tone in paying homage to those individuals.” 

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