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Fried Bananas Anyone?

Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan; Photos by Grogan, Firefighter Angela Owens, and PO Brandon Sino

Lynbrook firefighters were called out on a general alarm response at 5:30 AM on Sunday morning, June 3, 2012, for a reported truck fire at the Long Island Banana parking lot on Williams Street in Lynbrook. A general alarm response was initiated because the truck was parked amongst other trucks in the parking lot. The first arriving Lynbrook police officers on the scene found the cab and front of a LI Banana truck fully involved in fire and smoke rising high in the early morning sky. Tally-Ho Engine 3 from nearby Horton Avenue came down the one-way Williams Street and dropped a line at the parking lot and proceeded to a hydrant around the corner. The line was used to hit the front cab and engine compartment of the burning truck. Engine Company 1 arrived next coming down Wilbur Street and dropping at Tally-Ho. They went around the corner to the fire. A hose line from Engine covered the adjoining parked trucks and other exposures. All other units stood-by at the scene. Firefighters were led in the attack by First Assistant Chief Edward Hynes. Firefighters were at the scene for just over an hour. The fire was not considered suspicious. This is probably the third truck fire at LI Banana in the past five to seven years.


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