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LFD Assists RVC at Deli Fire

Story &Photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan

On Sunday evening July 17, 2011, the Lynbrook Fire Department was called on a mutual aid to assist the Rockville Centre Fire Department at a fire in a deli on Long Beach Road, just off Lakeview Avenue. Greystone Deli has been at its location at 214 Long Beach Road since 1943 and Waxon has owned the business for more than 20 years. Truck Company, and the Medical Company, responded with Lynbrook Fire Chief Michael Hynes and Second Deputy Chief Edward Hynes. Truck Company, originally called for stand-by duty at the Maple Avenue firehouse, was re-directed as a Fast Team to the scene. Truck members pulled multiple ceilings found in the structure to get at the stubborn fire under the roof area. The Medical Company stood-by to assist any injured. Nassau County Fire Commission Chairman and Lynbrook Ex-Chief Robert Cribbin, was on hand to assist at RVCFD's Command Post during the fire. Lynbrook was at the scene for an hour and a half.

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