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Lynbrook Assists Malverne F.D. with Signal 10
Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan, Photos by Firefighter Brian Grogan

On Tuesday afternoon, August 18, 2009, the Lynbrook Fire Department, amongst other departments, was called out on a mutual aid to assist at a fire in Malverne.  Third Deputy Chief Anthony DeCarlo responded as did Hose Company and our Emergency Medical Company to a Signal 10 house fire that was so fierce that it threatened nearby houses.  The original call to the Malverne Fire Department at approximately 4:45 PM announced that the fire had extended to the neighboring house.  It appeared later, based on Malverne police information, that the fire may have been started by youths smoking in the shed once attached to the burning house.  The fire destroyed that shed and quickly spread up the wall and into the house and roof area.  The next door neighbor’s siding melted and the propane barbecue grill also caught fire.  The fire in the grille threatened three other nearby propane tanks.  Five firefighters were injured fighting the fire.  One Malverne firefighter broke his foot while on the roof and was transported by our Medical Company to Franklin Hospital Medical Center.  Medical Company then transported a second firefighter suffering from heat exhaustion.    Three other firefighters from mutual aid companies, not from Lynbrook, were treated at the scene and refused additional treatment.  

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