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Three Hurt in Collapse

Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan


On Monday, September 27, 2010, at about 5 PM, the Lynbrook Fire Department's Emergency Medical Company was dispatched for an injured worker at a warehouse located at 340 Hendrickson Avenue, near Dawes Avenue.  Chief Raymond Burke, Second Deputy Anthony DeCarlo, and Third Deputy Ed Hynes, responded first to the scene and found three injured workers, two who suffered leg and back injuries, while the third had more serious injuries to his head.  Immediately, both Medical Company ambulances were requested to the scene as was a Nassau County Police ambulance.  Due to the number of injured additional Lynbrook firefighters arrived on the scene to assist the Medical Company at the scene.  It was learned that the three workers were attempting to fasten steel shelving frames up on the cinder block wall of the warehouse.  The frames were being nailed to 2 X 4's which were nailed to the cinder block walls.  The weight of the steel framing was too heavy for the wood and the wood split sending the framing crashing to the ground and sending the men to the floor.  The two workers with the leg and back injuries were transported by Unit 425 to Mercy Hospital while the worker with the head trauma was transported in Unit 425A to South Nassau.  It has been reported that the Village of Lynbrook Building Department and Village Fire Inspector have issued summons and stop work orders to the warehouse owner, and OSHA is also investigating the accident.   

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