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Teamwork At Auto Accident

 Story and Photos by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan

On Tuesday, September 4, 2007, just after 3 PM, the Lynbrook Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Company, the Extrication Team, and Tally-Ho Engine #3, along with mutual aid ambulances from the Rockville Center and East Rockaway Fire Departments, worked together at the scene of a three car accident on Sunrise Highway just east of Denton Avenue.  Police at the scene said that two of the vehicles were stopped one behind the other at the traffic light in the west bound lanes at Sunrise and Denton when a third vehicle plowed into them.   It was believed that the driver may have been watching Lynbrook Police Officer (and Ex-Chief ) John Matzen as he and a Rockville Centre Police vehicle pulled over a car on Sunrise Highway at the same location that was wanted for an LSI in Baldwin.   Matzen witnessed the accident and immediately called for a response by the Lynbrook Fire Department to the scene.  When Matzen went to assist the injured he found that one of the vehicles had its gas tank ruptured with gasoline pouring onto the roadway.  The Extrication team and Tally-Ho members worked together to control the spill while the medical technicians aided the injured.  All three drivers were transported to the hospital by the LFD and the two mutual aid ambulances.  The Nassau County Fire Marshal’s Office also responded to the scene due to the gasoline spill.  Sunrise Highway westbound was closed for an hour while the vehicles were removed and the gasoline mopped up.  Below are the photos from the accident scene including the last photo which shows Lynbrook, RVC, and Nassau Police conferring behind the vehicle wanted in the LSI.  The occupants of the vehicle are sitting on the grass in front of the vehicle. 

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