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Department Drills at Sterling Glen

 Story and Photos by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan

On Sunday morning, September 30, 2007, the Lynbrook Fire Department held a drill at the Sterling Glen Senior citizen center on Ocean Avenue off Peninsula Blvd.  The Department's training committee, headed up by Second Assistant Chief Kevin Bien, with the full cooperation of the management at Sterling Glen, simulated a working fire on a portion of the third and fourth floors of the senior complex.  The building was evacuated by the staff after fire alarms were activated and while Lynbrook firefighters responded to the simulated call.  Upon arrival of the fire units, hose lines were stretched to the fire floors using standpipes in the building.  Smoke machines were placed in hallways to simulated the blackness while firefighters crawled in the darkness to make additional rescues from the fire floors and fight the simulated working fire.  The Rockville Centre and East Rockaway Fire Departments participated in the drill by each sending a ladder to the scene to assist.   Lynbrook's volunteers were at the scene for about three hours.   


Fire Chief Robert Occhipinti expressed his thanks to the members for their participation as well as the neighboring departments for assisting.  He also acknowledged the training committee and the management of Sterling Glen for working together to put together a drill that will help protect the residents of this facility.


The Chief would also like to thank the members of the Lynbrook Junior Fire Department who acted as victims during the drill and had to be carried from the fire floors.

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