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Firefighters Honored for Saving a Life

Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan; Photos by George McClosky

At the Lynbrook Village Board Meeting held on June 18, 2012, Lynbrook Chief Anthony "Zemo" DeCarlo and Firefighter Josh Parsons, were honored by the mayor and trustees for saving the life of an 18-month old infant back in April. The LFD had responded to an medical emergency call for a baby not breathing. When Chief DeCarlo and Firefighter Parson's arrived on the scene they took the baby and jumped back into the chief's car and sped to the hospital. While the Chief drove Parsons performed CPR. The baby began breathing again and was stabilized at the hospital and later returned home. The baby's parents attended the village board meeting to thank the chief, firefighters Parsons, and Police Officer Frank Menna who had also responded to the call and had assisted at the house.


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