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Benefit Softball Game

Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan; Photos by Firefighter Brian Grogan

On Saturday evening, September 25, 2010, a benefit softball game, sponsored by the Lynbrook Baptist Church, was held at Greis Park to benefit the Lynbrook Fire Department and the Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  When the teams arrived at the ballfield, the players from the Baptist Church looked too professional in their regulation uniforms while the members of the fire department wore a number of different colored t-shirts and shorts.  Chief Ray Burke threw out the first ball during the opening ceremonies and the boy scouts provided the color guard.  On the mound for God's Team was the pastor of the Baptist Church, while Ex-Chief Jim McDermott pitched for the firefighters.  Although the Baptist's took an early lead in the first inning, the firefighters came back quickly and led the whole game until the seventh.  In the bottom of the seventh, God's Team came back with five runs and won the game 21 to 20.  Two big screen TV's that were raffled-off were won by two of our firefighters.  The benefit raised $6300 which was to be split between the LFD and the Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  The fire department donated its half share to the Coalition.

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