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Firefighters Rescue Passenger

Story by Steve Grogan; Photos by Brian and Steve Grogan


On Sunday afternoon, January 4, 2015, Lynbrook firefighters rescued the passenger of an SUV which ran off Peninsula Blvd into the ravine that runs along it just south of Sunrise Highway, and opposite the driveway of Atria Assisted Living.  The department was dispatched originally for an "overturn, entrapment, and fire," at 3:15 PM.  Assistant Chief Carl Lengel responded as did the Emergency Medical Company, Tally-Ho Engine 3, and Truck Company.  The vehicle was not on fire and had not overturned, but the passenger could not get out of the vehicle.  Two ladders from Truck Company were placed down the embankment to the SUV which had not overturned.  The passenger was put into the stretcher and pulled up the ladders. The passenger who was in stable condition did not require medical assistance but was transported to the hospital by the Medical Company for observation. The driver of the vehicle was able to climb out of the vehicle before Lynbrook police and firefighters arrived on the scene. 


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