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Floodlight Dinner Honors Shelly Conn

 Story and Photos by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan

On Sunday, October 7, 2007, the Lynbrook Fire Department's Floodlight Unit #1 held their Annual Dinner and honored Ex-Captain Shelly Conn of Vulcan Company.  The dinner, chaired by Ex-Chiefs Anthony Badolato and Frank Abrams, was held at the East Rockaway Yacht Club.  Present Captain Robert Cribbin, with First Lieutenant James Hillgardner and Second Lieutenant John Matzen, presented Shelly with a plaque for his service and dedication as the past Captain of the Unit. 


Shelly's wife Barbara, and their three children, Melissa, Alicia, and Matthew, were present at the dinner.


Shelly then presented a plaque to Ex-Captain Steve Grogan who was named Floodlight Man of the Year for chairing the new truck committee.  Deputy Mayor Bill Hendrick also spoke about Shelly's dedication to the Unit after Mayor Brian Curran had to leave for another commitment. 


The Floodlight Unit is made up of firefighters that also belong to other fire companies in the Lynbrook Fire Department but perform additional duties with the Unit.  The Floodlight truck contains the Department's Command Post which operates the radio communications and mutual aid responses when a major fire occurs in Lynbrook.     

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