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Road Collapse & Gas Leak

 Story and Photos by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan

On Thursday afternoon, June 12, 2008, the Lynbrook Fire Department responded to a gas leak on Hempstead Avenue at Smith Street in Lynbrook after the roadway collapsed from a water main break.  It was reported that after a water main break under Hempstead Avenue caved in the roadway that the collapsing concrete and asphalt broke a National Grid gas line spreading leaking gas throughout the area.  The Lynbrook Fire Department responded on a general alarm response and residents were evacuated from the surrounding houses and the apartment complex across the street.   Two hose lines were quickly set up on Hempstead Avenue by Hose Company 424, while Vulcan Company 422 set up an additional hose line on Smith Street.  The lines were set up to protect the workers from National Grid and the Water Company who worked to shut off the leaking gas and in case the gas ignited.  The department was led by Second Deputy Chief Ray Burke.  Lynbrook was assisted by additional manpower from the East Rockaway and Lakeview Fire Departments.  There were no injuries and the department was released after almost four hours.

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