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Historic Hose Company Photos Found In Alabama

Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan

Recently the writer received an email from Charles C, a former IT support contractor for FEMA from Montgomery, AL. With the email was the below two photos recently found in a home on Lott Drive in Montgomery. Both photos were framed and left behind when the neighbors moved out of their home. Charles did some research and found Lynbrook, New York. He scanned the photos and sent them to this writer. Charles, in his email, said he worked with a group of firefighters that worked with FEMA and activated following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. He said, "I just thought it would be disrespectful to throw those pictures out without finding someone to send them to. I just mentioned my work with the firemen because their camaraderie made a great impression on me."

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02/19/17 17:27

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