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Edward Hynes Elected Lynbrook's Fire Chief

Story by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan


Edward J. Hynes, a member of the Lynbrook Fire Department for the past 28 years, and after serving the past three years as an Assistant Chief, was elected by the membership last Thursday night to a one-year term as Chief Engineer of the Lynbrook Volunteer Fire Department. 

Chief Hynes, who started as a Lynbrook Junior firefighter when he was only 14, is a member of Engine Company 1 on Carpenter Avenue.   He is a retired NYPD Sergeant and is currently employed as a fire safety consultant.  The chief has been married for over 20 years to Eileen Keane and they have three children:  Sean, Meaghan, and Erin.  Both Sean and Meaghan are present members of the junior fire department, and Sean is a lieutenant.  The Chief's two brothers, Michael and Christopher, are also volunteers.  Michael is an Ex-Chief.

The Assistant Fire Chiefs also elected that evening for the coming year was First Assistant Chief Michael Anderson of Truck Company, Second Assistant Chief James McDermott, also of Truck Company, and Third Assistant Chief John R. Chavatte, of Hose Company.  Additionally, Ex-Chief Robert Cribbin, of Tally-Ho Company, was elected as a Delegate to the Fourth Battalion Fire District.

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