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Helping a Brother Firefighter

Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan  

On Sunday, October 24, 2010, a fundraiser was held at Connolly's Station in Malverne for Lynbrook Truck Company Ex-Captain Len Llewellyn Jr, who was seriously injured in a pool accident back in August of this year.  Len is undergoing extensive hospital physical therapy to help him get back on his feet and walk again.   A large number of Lynbrook firefighters, and correctional officers from the Sheriff's Office, where Len is employed, and many residents, and friends, who care about Len, came out to support the fundraiser.  Also on hand were Lynbrook Mayor Brian Curran, Malverne Mayor Patricia McDonald, Lynbrook Trustee Alan Beach, as well as Nassau County Legislator Fran Becker, and State Senator Dean Skelos, who came by to lend their support and monies to help Len.   Anyone interested in helping Len and his family can contact Warren Hutchinson or mail a donation to Hutchinson at 39 Neiman Avenue, Lynbrook, NY, 11563.  He can also be contact at 516-551-7058. 

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