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Lynbrook FD Receives Grant from Homeland Security

 Story  Ex-Captain Steve Grogan - Photo by George McCluskey

The Lynbrook Fire Department was recently notified that it will receive a federal grant from Homeland Security’s United States Fire Administration to purchase equipment.  The LFD, only one of two fire departments on Long Island to receive the grant, will receive $38,000 to purchase zone monitors, according to Lynbrook Fire Chief John O’Reilly.   The monitors will be used on the two ambulances operated by the Department’s Emergency Medical Company. 

In the photo Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, center, presents a symbolic $38,000 check to the Lynbrook Fire Department and the Village of Lynbrook.  Accepting the check are, from left to right, Third Deputy Chief Michael Hynes, Second Deputy Chief Raymond Burke, First Deputy Kevin Bien, Fire Chief John O’Reilly, McCarthy, Medical Company Captain Frances Bierd, Medical Company First Lieutenant Tracey Burke, Mayor Brian Curran, Trustee Alan Beach, and Trustee William Hendrick.

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