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Mass Casualty Incident Drill

Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan  

On Sunday morning, June 6, 2010, the training committee of the Lynbrook Fire Department held a Mass Causality Incident drill at the Earle Avenue parking lot.  The MCI drill included two vehicles involved in a crash and a third overturned vehicle.  The injured in the three vehicles included 14 Junior firefighters who assisted and participated as victims.  There were four juniors in each vehicle and two lying outside the overturned vehicle.  Additionally, as the Medical Company and the Extrication Team responded to the scene a fourth vehicle was found to be on fire.  This brought an additional response by Engine Company, Hose Company, and Truck Company to the scene.  While the Medical Company and Extrication Team worked to free the victims from the vehicles, Engine Company ran an attack line to the burning vehicle.  Truck Company performed forcible entry on the burning vehicle.  Hose Company provided an additional line while the Extrication Team worked to free the victims.  

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